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Abjad Hawwaz Bookends:

A set of bookends inspired by letterforms. The Arabic typeface, Abjad, is an experimental one that translates humanist thought into constructivist forms. Geometric shapes are used to represent areas where the pen strokes would normally thicken and thin in a letter. Those collectible pieces would certainly make a unique addition to any shelf.

Order your Arabic letter, name or any word!

Size: Depends on the letter but the maximum length and height is 23x23cm for the individual letters


We have designed 4 different sketchbooks that include Arabic letters with graphic geometric shapes. As Abjad’s style is influenced by the constructivists’ style, we have continued the style throughout designing the Abjad products.

Size: 21 x 13 cm

Tote bag:

Abjad’s Tote bag is designed to fit every designer’s requirement of a functional bag. The design also combines Abjad’s typographic modern geometric letters along with graphical geometric shapes that were inspired by the constructivism movement and Arabic letterforms.

Size: 42 x 35.5 cm


Abjad Letters Poster:

Being inspired by the constructivism movement and the Arabic letters, Abjad merges the two styles that created the Abjad typeface. The Abjad font is a prototype font designed by our co-founders.

Size: A1

Robot Poster:

The Abjad man/robot is a character that represents Abjad’s design aesthetics in the design filed. The colorful and fun poster adds life and vibrancy to every room it is placed in. Each geometric shape reflects a humanist feel in the composition, which is initially what Abjad Design aims to portray.

Size: A1